University police stress pedestrian safety

By Rose

With the start of a new semester comes a reminder from University Police to always put safety first when traveling across campus.

Lieutenant Vernon G. Frost says everyone should focus on getting from point A to point B safely and without distraction.

“The cell phone is a big issue. The ipods are a big issue. And as technology advances you’ve got people who are walking around with their blackberries or who are text messaging while they’re walking. They really are not paying attention to their surroundings and that is just incredibly dangerous.”

Frost recommends students wait until they arrive at their destination before getting involved with anything that takes away their focus. Pedestrians aren’t the only ones who should keep close watch…Frost says drivers should also be aware of their surroundings at all times.

University of Illinois student Joe Rokup (roe-cup) says drivers need to realize how busy campus is.

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“Drive slower and be more aware that everyone is listening to ipods so it’s more likely to cause distractions for them. So they’re not as apt to see a car flying by.”

Police hope recent upgrades…such as increased sign-age and better marked crosswalks…will help pedestrians and drivers make campus a safer place.