Urbana hears housing project requests

By Jenette Sturges

By Jenette Sturges

Staff Writer

The city of Urbana Community Development Commission met Tuesday night to hear requests for funding for various affordable housing building projects.

Among the agencies asking for funding from the commission was the Ecological Construction Laboratory, a non-profit agency that built its first “passive house,” an eco-friendly, single-family home in Urbana last year. Other agencies requesting funding included the Homestead Corporation and the Urban League of Champaign County.

Also discussed by the commission was a carbon monoxide detector drive begun by Rep. Naomi Jakkobsen’s office to provide carbon monoxide detectors for needy families. Collection boxes will be set up in front of Lowe’s, Wal-mart and Menards. To request a carbon monoxide detector, residents can call (217) 384-2447.

The carbon monoxide detector drive follows one month after the Illinois General Assembly passed the Illinois Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act. The law requires homeowners and landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms in all buildings containing sleeping quarters.

In other city affairs, the city of Urbana will be taking applications from community members for a public arts task force, which will make recommendations to the city council for the establishment of a public arts program.