Illinois House discusses new ethanol bill

By Alex Deiro

Illinois gas laws may be changing. The Illinois House of Representatives is discussing a bill to lower greenhouse emissions by requiring gas within the state to contain 10 percent Ethanol.

BP spokesperson Scott Bean believes the action would be beneficial for the environment. “Ethanol can be blended in gasoline. It can reduce emissions in gasoline.”

Though no one is sure whether the law will raise or lower gas prices, it is proven that ethanol blends lower the gas mileage of cars. This means consumers will be filling up more often.

Associate Professor in economics David Bullock believes the proposed legislation is not in the best interest of Illinois Drivers.

“It’s a very, very expensive way to run an automobile, and the environmental effects, and benefits are very small and the cost is very large.”

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    If passed, it will go into effect on January 1, 2008.