New global warming study released

By Ryan Sanders

A recent international study was conducted in Paris to determine the link between burning fossil fuels and global warming. The study concluded with ninety-percent certainty that man was responsible for global warming and it’s likely to continue if changes aren’t made soon.

Climate researcher and Director of Earth, Society and the Environment at U of I Donald Wuebbles shared his thoughts about what this could mean for Illinois.

“By the end of the century, the temperature is projected to increase by seven to thirteen degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and nine to as much as eighteen degrees in the summer. And it depends on which pathway we follow. The climate in Illinois becomes more like eastern Texas. I think the way we solve it in the end is through technology.”

Professor Wuebbles says there’s a lot we can do to help, such as turning off lights and T-V’s when not in use, and writing letters to legislators telling them to take action.