McDonalds goes trans-fat free

By Picker

American fast-food lovers can potentially feel less guilty when picking up a box of french fries. In response to New York City’s ban of trans fats, McDonalds has come out with a new brand of cooking oil that is said to be healthier for the human heart.

The new creation is trans-fat free and is primarily canola-based. The new substitution is secretly being tested at approximately twelve-hundred McDonalds’ restaurants to see if anyone notices the change.

Trans fat poses concerns dealing with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Elvira de Mejia, a Food and Nutrition professor at the University of Illinois says that an elimination of trans fat would be a healthier alternative.

“Trans are produced during hydrogenation of oils, so there is not a problem if you eliminate trans.”

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McDonalds was trailing behind other fast food restaurants to produce an oil that complies with the New York City ordinance. It took McDonalds several years to develop a substitute for their oil because they wanted to preserve the world-famous taste.

Mejia says that using a trans-fat-free oil will not change the food.

“It will not affect it. It will only be more expensive. But, it’s worth it because you are saving lives.”

Local McDonalds’ restaurants refused to comment. The New York ban is projected to go into effect this summer, and other cities, including Chicago, are considering similar ordinances.