E-mails warn and inform University students, staff

By ME Online

E-mails sent by Irish Illini, University administrators and housing to students and staff laid out expectations for behavior on Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day, as well as the consequences of defying the established rules.

Jon Doyle, president of Irish Illini, sent this e-mail to members of the student group Thursday night.

Irish Illini,

In just hours Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us. The hype and excitement all comes down to this, so be ready. Seniors, take it all in, this is you’re last Unofficial as an undergrad. Juniors, most of you are 21 by now, live it up. Sophmores, be careful and don’t be stupid if you go the bars. And Freshman, prepare for the experience that is Unofficial.

Tomorrow Joe’s Brewery will be opening at 11AM. For those of you who will be sporting your Irish Illini Unofficial shirts, you will receive FREE COVER throughout the day until 5PM. We will have some awesome entertainment including FOUR LIVEBANDS throughout the day in the beer garden- this is what the lineup looks like:

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11am – 1pm: The Brothers II

1:00 – 1:20pm: IDentity (Premier All-Girls Irish Dance Group)

1:30 – 3:30pm: Underpaid Packy

4:00 – 6:00pm: Doxi

6:30 – 8:30 pm – Nothing to Sexy

In addition to these acts, there will be live bagpipes throughout the day! The kitchen will also be open throughout the afternoon. Hope you can make it, either way make sure to have fun whatever you end up doing.

On a serious note, please be careful tomorrow. Be safe, careful, legal as can be, etc.

-Don’t go to class drunk

-Don’t be destructive to school, city, or private properties

-Don’t disrespect law enforcement

-Don’t urinate in anything less than a toilet/stall (House party bathtubs are acceptable)

-If you have friends coming in, keep on eye on them / don’t let them get out of control

-Don’t litter, I don’t want to walk down Green St next week thinking I’m in the slums

Please, just think twice before you might do something stupid.

Get some sleep, you’ll need it

Jon Doyle

Irish Illini President

The office of the provost and the office of vice chancellor of student affairs sent the following e-mail to University professors.

On Friday, March 2, 2007, many Campustown bars will participate in the annual business promotion known as Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day (USPD).

While the University does not support or condone this promotion, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of students who choose to participate,

and to insulate academic instruction and campus operations from disruption.

In the interest of safety, Champaign Police will have a visible presence in Campustown on March 2. They will enforce all applicable ordinances in

commercial areas, and have been given special authority to intervene if private parties threaten to disturb the peace. In addition, Champaign city

officials have enacted special restrictions on liquor sales that are intended to curb overconsumption. Given the probable limitations of these efforts, emergency medical personnel will stand ready to provide care as required.

The profile of University Police will also be elevated during USPD. Their work will focus on protecting students, staff, faculty, and University property from harm caused by the disorderly conduct of event participants.

Report emergencies to METCAD at 911 (or, from a campus phone, 9-911). For this event, requests for non-emergency response by University Police should be directed to 333-1216.

The Deans of colleges that enroll undergraduates recently sent out messages detailing resources that college personnel can draw on to preserve the integrity of academic instruction and campus operations on March 2. Those resources include:

In the two largest lecture halls on the Quad (Foellinger Auditorium and Lincoln Hall Theater), both of which experienced significant vandalism

during last year’s event, students will be asked to surrender liquids prior to entry. This represents enforcement of standing policies that

prohibit food and beverages in these venues.

Recent communications to students about USPD have stressed that those who choose to interfere with the academic mission of the University will face

serious consequences. Instructional and support staff are thanked for joining the effort to reinforce this message before and on March 2.

Office of the Provost

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

The following e-mail was sent to residents of University housing by Bob Wilczynski, Assistant Director of Residential Life.

Greetings University Housing Residents,

On behalf of University Housing, we hope your spring semester is off to a great start. The purpose of this message is to clarify expectations of University Housing residents’ behavior for “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day.” This event is a growing concern for the University, as it glorifies underage drinking, the abuse of alcohol,

and negativity of alcohol-related behaviors.

Unfortunately, some students may choose to become involved in the consumption of alcohol. Our biggest desire is that our students continue to make good, safe choices. We want you to understand that the behaviors associated with being intoxicated are not tolerated and that students will be held responsible for such actions and the actions of their guests.

The Student Code of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign states that “the University discipline system accepts jurisdiction only in those instances in which the University community’s interest is substantially affected.” Violations of state law and local ordinances in the Champaign-Urbana area would fall into this jurisdiction.

In University Housing, our mission is to support the academic mission of the University. We maintain a level of community standards to allow students a safe place to study and rest. Please understand that accountability for actions that violate these standards may be severe.

In an effort to curtail abusive and reckless behavior, additional staffing on the part of University Housing and UIPD will be in place in our halls to provide safety and security measures, as well as to protect residence hall property. Outside security doors will be locked during daytime hours on Friday. Additionally, measures are being taken at the campus level to ensure that classes can continue without disruption.

Thanks, everyone, and BE SAFE!

Bob Wilczynski

Assistant Director of Residential Life

University Housing