Class plans barcrawl to raise awareness of sexual assault

By Lauren Mangurten

When a class and their teaching assistants decided they wanted to educate others about sexual assault while raising money for the cause, they came up with an untraditional way to reach their audience.

Kyle Mosley, senior in Communications and an Illini Media employee, is one of the teaching assistants of the class that planned the Sexual Assault Awareness Bar Crawl that will take place on Wednesday night. Mosley would not say the name of the class because he did not want to have it only associated with the bar crawl.

The bar crawl begins at 9 p.m. at C.O. Daniel’s, 608. E. Daniel St., and will progress to Joe’s Brewery, 706 S. Fifth St. and The Clybourne, 706. S. Sixth St., over the course of the night.

“A lot of the students were inspired by the class,” Mosley said. “They thought we should try to take action outside of it.”

Eric Conway, junior in Applied Health Sciences and president of Men Against Sexual Violence, a student organization on campus, is also a teaching assistant for the class.

Conway said some people were not sure a bar crawl was the most appropriate way to promote awareness about sexual assault, since some incidences of sexual assault involve alcohol. He said he wants people to know the class is holding the bar crawl for the right reasons.

“We can go out, and we can have fun,” Conway said. “But we can also take care of one another at the same time.”

Mosley agreed that the bar crawl will be an effective way to reach their audience.

“Most organizations (hold) rallies and walks and things of that nature (to promote awareness), which are fine, but I feel that they kind of preach to the choir, in a sense,” Mosley said. “I feel like this bar crawl is going to reach probably more students and more organizations that might not necessarily be aware of the ramifications of sexual assault.”

Mosley said the class raised about $350 for the Rape Crisis Services, 310 W. Church St., Champaign, by selling 84 T-shirts for the bar crawl. The T-shirt sale is over, but those who wish to do so can donate money to the cause at the bar crawl. Kyle said the proceeds will go to purchasing items on a wish list for the Rape Crisis Service.

Mosley said that he, Conway and the students in the class will be resources at the bar crawl for anyone who wants to talk about sexual assault.