Proposed Happy Hour laws could put restrictions on local bars

By Sara Rose

Champaign Police are not stopping with Unofficial Restrictions…Happy Hour Laws could be sent to the Champaign City Council for approval as early as April 10th.

Champaign Police Sergeant Scott Friedlein says some state Happy Hour Laws often create confusion for customers and the people within the industry.

He says the focus behind the local Happy Hour Law is to decrease confusion while increasing public safety.

“Most of the provisions that we are asking for in these happy hour changes really aren’t going to have a big impact on the industry. We’ve spent time looking at the industry, talking to the industry and if it’s a reputable business they are going to be able to modify fairly easily to these standards.”

Some of the proposed laws would, define what’s considered ONE drink, remove shot girls,and restrict individuals from buying an entire pitcher of beer or bottle of wine.

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    Sergeant Friedlein says he wants to give students an opportunity to become familiar with the Happy Hour Law before it’s presented to council.

    “The city has always been interested in student input in any kind of legislation that might impact them. And while these bills typically are going to impact more directly the industry side, there are some provisions in here that might impact individuals in a campus environment.”

    Police are encouraging students to contact them with their thoughts and ideas. If passed by council, the Happy Hour Law could go into effect as early as the fall semester.