Investigation continues for death of University student

By Danielle Gaines

Seung Il-Lim, a 20-year-old Engineering student, fell from his fourth-floor balcony and was pronounced dead at Carle Foundation Hospital at 8:40 a.m. Wednesday.

In an interview on Thursday, Urbana Police Sgt. Dan Morgan said Lim was found by a passerby at 6:30 a.m. outside his apartment building at 1010 W. Stoughton Street. Lim, who often went by “Sean,” listed a permanent home address in Algonquin, Ill.

The coroner’s office revealed the preliminary cause of death to be blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen. The Urbana Police department is reviewing the circumstances of Lim’s death and would not comment on the classification of Lim’s death since the investigation is considered on-going.

Lim’s family, though, is adamant that the death is not the result of a suicide and does not want it to be reported as such.

“Seung gave no one, family and friends, any reason to believe that he would want to harm himself,” said a letter mailed to area police agencies. “His friends and family stated to me that there was a zero percent possibility of suicide.”

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    The letter was signed by Jang Lim, Seung’s uncle, and “the family and friends of Seung Lim.”

    Lim’s family also stated concerns about the safety of the balcony in the letter.

    “The design of the railing system made it easy to step up and sit on the rail, which I believe could have been the contributing cause to Seung’s death,” Jang Lim wrote.

    The family wants area agencies to take precaution against another accident that might occur if a student were to “sit on the railing while relaxing, having a smoke or talking on the phone.”

    Lim was remembered as a kind soul who moved to the United States during high school. Jared Shaw, a friend who was set to live with Lim next year, said he quickly befriended Lim and so did many others.

    Shaw said Lim never offended anyone, and he never would have tried to.

    “He was a better friend than anyone could ever ask for,” Shaw said.

    A memorial service for Lim will be held Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at Salerno’s Sons Rosedale Chapels, 450 W. Lake Avenue in Roselle, Ill.

    Staff writer David Just contributed to this report.