Worker still in critical condition after Memorial Stadium fall

By Steve Contorno

A general contractor remains hospitalized Monday after falling from scaffolding while working on Memorial Stadium on Friday.

Thomas Utley, an employee of Williams Brothers Construction, fell from 20-25 feet, Lt. Skip Frost said.

A spokeswoman for Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana confirmed reports that Utley remains in critical condition. She could not comment on the extent of Utley’s injuries.

Frost said Utley sustained head injuries and was initially unconcious following the fall. However, he was awake and alert by the time emergency units took him away.

Pro Ambulence transported Utley to Carle Foundation Hospital.

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    Initially, Frost said it was unclear what caused the fall. However, on Monday Frost did say it looked as though it wasn’t the fault of any outside forces.

    “All the indications lead us to believe it was simply an accident,” Frost said.

    Police interviewed several workers who witnessed the incident. The contractor was working on one of the two new elevator shafts being added to the west side of the stadium.

    Constrution on the stadium had resumed when emergency units left, Frost said.

    Multiple attempts to reach Williams Brothers Construction were unsuccessful.