Fall bar specials no big drain on students’ wallets

By Laura Ude

If you haven’t been looking for either $1 or $2 “you-call-its,” cheap food, or late night karaoke, you have not prepared for the endless ways to save money at the bars this coming fall. Although all of Campustown’s favorite bars have their own specials every night, the different deals seem to have paved a path, helping students decide where to be each night of the week to save the most money and have a good time.


White Horse has two-for-one hamburgers from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. To accompany dinner, bartender Maggie Barbour said $1 Miller High Lifes are available everyday. When dinner is over, head to It’s Brothers for $1 martinis and $2 mojitos. For those who want to spend a little more, Brothers also offers $3 margaritas and $4 pitchers. If $1 drinks are all you can afford at the time, C.O. Daniels has $1 you-call-its every Monday.


Tuesdays at Red Rock seem to be the place to be for food and drinks. Tuesday is College Night at the bar, including $1 you-call-its, $2 Smirnoff drinks and a $3 food menu. Bartender Blake Nystrom agreed that Tuesday is the best night to come to Red Rock if you are trying to save money. If suddenly you have a craving for wings, White Horse and Joe’s have 30 and 35 cent wings, respectively. And for those who are seeking a change from their normal drinks, Clybourne hosts wine night on Tuesdays with $8 bottles of wine and champagne.

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    Miller, Coors and Bud Light beers are all part of the $1 light bottles deal at Legends. Students can also get $1 Honey Brown and pint drafts or splurge for the $2 Bacardi drinks, lemon drop shots or Corona bottles. Enjoy a $4.50 grilled chicken sandwich with fries while sipping on any of these drinks. If you are in a musical mood after visiting Legends, try either Geovanti’s or White Horse, which have karaoke. Geovanti’s manager Ian Joaquin said not to be nervous because everyone always claps and they’re not judgemental. If you’re still hungry, White Horse also offers all you can eat tacos from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


    Head over to Joe’s for 50 cent chicken tenders if you are hungry. While drinking a Sex on the Beach for only $2.25 at Geovanti’s, also enjoy a live band that will play from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. If you want to get drunk quickly, the shot board is $1.25 at White Horse and Station 211 has $4 Shackers and $2 bombs.


    Kick off the weekend with $3 double vodka red bulls at Geovanti’s, then $2 Miller Lite bottles, Legends special ale and Goldschlager shots at Legends. If you are really trying to save for the weekend, go for the $1 specials: White Horse’s $1 flavored vodkas, Station’s $1 Bud Select and Jager Bombs and $1 Lunchboxes at C.O. Daniels. Drink specials seem to be the focus for the weekend, so students’ best bet for food is to head to either Red Rock for $3 burgers or Geovanti’s for the Late Night Food Special of $4.99.


    To keep it cheap, stay around the $2 range with $2 you-call-its at White Horse, $2 Miller Lite bottles and $2.50 Blue Moon drafts at Legends, or $2.25 Jager bombs or Amaretto Stone Sours at Geovanti’s where the Late Night Food Special continues. If you want to get really drunk, Red Rock offers $1.75 Long Islands and $1 Kamikaze shots, Clybourne has $1 Mind Erasers, and Legends has $4 double Captain and Bacardi drinks.


    Clybourne is the place to be for the poor college student with $1 you-call-its. White Horse also has $1 wells.

    Regardless of what night it is, some students may find themselves regulars at the bars. If this is the case, every night Joe’s has $2 you-call-its, and Geovanti’s offers 75 cent Kamikaze shots, $1 cherry bombs and $4 pitchers.

    If a student’s favorite bar and specials are missing, do not be alarmed. Specials from Murphy’s Pub, Fubar, Firehaus and Kams are unannounced. After Monday and Tuesday, Brothers’ specials are also unreleased. Clybourne’s, Station’s and C.O. Daniels’ specials are tentative to change.