Administrators dine with students, discuss issues



By Michael Logli

Members of the Illinois Student Senate walked throughout Peabody Dining Hall on Monday night informing residents that University administrators were eating with them.

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Renee Romano, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Mike DeLorenzo and Vice Chancellor of Intercultural Affairs Domonic Cobb ate with students in Peabody Dining Hall as students approached them with concerns about the University.

This event, organized by the Student Life Committee of the Illinois Student Senate, gives undergraduates the opportunity to meet with administrators and put a face with their names, said Justin Randall, senior in LAS and student body president.

“I got to hear from a lot of different students about a lot of different issues,” Romano said. “It’s a great opportunity.”

DeLorenzo spent a majority of time talking with students about the progress of the Intramural Physical Education building’s renovation and the problems some students face with parking on campus.

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    “As the campus looks to expand and grow, parking becomes more of an issue,” DeLorenzo said. “I’m pretty sure the master plan of the University has more parking factored into it.”

    Cobb addressed concerns about conflict between roommates in the residence halls.

    “There is going to be conflict, but there must be a willingness to find out how to work around it,” Cobb said.

    Romano took notes on some of the students concerns about sweatshops, and she also went up to other students to talk to them and pass out her business card. The students could e-mail her with any concerns they may have in the future, Romano said.

    “(Romano) was really interested in us and what we were saying,” Betsy Riley, sophomore in LAS, said.

    Romano and DeLorenzo said they also talked to students about majors, classes and experiences they have had in college so far, and Cobb said it was a great way to discuss opinions.

    “You can have as much opinion as you want,” Cobb said. “It’s just a conversation.”

    The senate plans on having another “dorm dinner” on Nov. 7 at the dining hall of Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls, as well as two more next semester.