Halloween festivities result in fewer crimes than usual

By Jantzen Zink

Halloween is the season to cause a stir, however area citizens were less

mischievious than usual.

Festivities started early on Friday, Oct. 26 and ultimately came to a climax on Halloween night, Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Between these dates there were 50 arrests in Champaign-Urbana, which is a

lower number than it has been in the past.

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    155 criminal offenses were dealt with over the course of these five days.

    Surprisingly, there were only 10 alcohol-related and 9 drug-related charges.

    The rest of the crimes that took place read as such:

    24 charges of criminal damage to property

    23 charges of theft

    20 charges of burglary and/or robbery

    17 charges of domestic battery

    9 charges of obstruction of justice

    8 charges of battery

    6 noise violations

    5 charges of trespassing

    3 charges of hit and run

    2 charges of leaving the scene of an accident

    2 charges of resisting arrest

    2 charges of endangerment to the life or health of a child

    and even 1 case of first-degree murder in Urbana.

    When asked to comment on this Halloween season, Urbana Police Assistant

    Patrick Connolly said that the crime rate was lower this year than it had been in

    previous years.