Pickup truck hits member of Illini Bicycle Racing Club

By Angelina Cole

A 26-year-old member of the Illini Bicycle Racing Club was hit by a pickup truck at the intersection of Illinois Street and Lincoln Avenue at approximately 3:20 p.m., Wednesday.

The driver was traveling eastbound on Illinois Street with a green light, said Officer Al Johnston of the Urbana Police Department.

The male cyclist was traveling in the opposite direction on the street and also had a green light.

“The pickup did not see the cyclist approaching him,” Johnston said.

The driver collided with the victim head-on.

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    “Luckily, because he was a member of the club, he was wearing gloves and a helmet,” Johnston said. “He knew how to crash and roll.”

    The cyclist was transported to Carle Foundation Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

    “They were mostly road rash and bruises, some bumps to the head,” Johnston said. “Thankfully, he did not sustain any severe injuries.”