Amount necessary for fundraising dependent on position

By Terrell Starr

Running for political office at the national level can cost millions of dollars, but exactly how much does it cost to run for an office in Illinois?

Phyllis Clark is the City Clerk for Urbana. She said she only needed to raise over $3,000 for her campaign, but feels she couldn’t have run a good campaign without it.

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    “Specifically for the kinds of things that you need those funds for such as reproduction of materials you’re going to distribute out,” Clark said.

    Running for a statewide position can be much more expensive.

    State senator Linda Holmes said she raised over $500,000 during her last campaign, and said the pressure to fundraise never stops.

    “Well, I mean technically in our jobs we never really stop. I mean we’re always going to events and meeting people,” Holmes said. “It’s part of the job.”

    Fundraising records of all political candidates are housed at the Illinois State Board of Elections and available online.