Meet Paul Schmitt

By Michael Logli

Having connections in the Illinois General Assembly is something Paul Schmitt, junior in LAS and former Illini Media Employee, said he prides himself on.

The experience he gained while interning in Springfield, Ill., has helped him understand the inner workings of Illinois’ government. He said he believes that by lobbying the General Assembly, the University can raise the level of higher education spending.

“A lot of our issues stem from inadequate funding,” Schmitt said. “The U of I’s lobbying efforts are not very effective because they go about it the wrong way.”

Schmitt said he also plans on renewing and repairing the relationship between the University and its alumni. Schmitt said he hopes to do this by focusing on more important issues, including Global Campus, Inclusive Illinois and school funding, rather than Chief Illiniwek. He said he plans to improve the school’s future.

“You’re not going to unite anyone on the Chief issue,” Schmitt said. “Chief Illiniwek did not make the University.”

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