Urbana issues emergency order to combat Unofficial

By Paolo Cisneros

Laurel Prussing, liquor commissioner for the city of Urbana, issued an emergency order yesterday in an attempt to combat excessive alcohol abuse during Unofficial.

The order will be in effect Friday morning until Sunday morning and stipulates that all businesses holding Class A liquor licences in Urbana are prohibited from serving or permitting the comsumption of alcohol between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Friday.

Furthermore, the sale of liquor shots are banned from 11:00 a.m. Friday until 2:30 a.m. Sunday, and the sale of pitchers are banned from 1:00 a.m. Friday until 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

The order is permitted under the liquor commissioner’s “Temporary Preventive Powers” of Section 3-49(d) of the Urbana City Code.