C.O. Daniel’s bar shut down for Unofficial weekend

By Michael Logli

C.O. Daniel’s Bar, 608 Daniel Street in Champaign, was forced to close for the weekend because it violated state and city laws, said Champaign Mayor Gerald Schweigart.

“We felt it created a danger to the students and shut it down,” Schweigart said.

Schweigart said that C.O. Daniel’s was offering an “all you can drink” special. By buying a wristband for $15 a student could drink as much as they wished. However, this violates the Illinois Liquor Commission’s Happy Hour Law, which prohibits serving unlimited amounts of alcohol at a fixed price for a fixed amount of time.

Karen Cochrane, wife of Scott Cochrane, owner of C.O. Daniel’s gave no comment on the incident.

Though the bar is closed for the weekend, it may recieve disciplinary action in the future for breaking both state and city laws, which may result in fines or license suspension.

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    “We’ll have to collect our lawyers together and see,” Schweigart said.