Local briefs

By Paolo Cisneros

Iraq veterans to gather in Urbana in protest of war

Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will gather in Washington D.C. on Friday, Mar. 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to protest American foreign policy in the Mideast. Local veterans will watch a live feed of the event in room 106 of Lincoln Hall at 702 S. Wright Street in Urbana. All veterans are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Tanya at (831) 917-5448 or Emilie at (202) 253-7298.

Callahan announces candidacy for state legislature

Colleen Callahan formally announced her candidacy for the 18th congressional District Monday. “I am both humbled and proud to be the Democratic nominee to represent the working families of central Illinois,” she said in a press release. Callahan’s resume includes serving as a director of “Agribusiness” for TV and radio as well as owning a small business.

College students sought for summer internships in hotel industry

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    The Hotel Workers Rising campaign is seeking more than 100 college undergraduate students to spend six weeks working with hotel workings seeking higher wages, better benefits, and a safer workplace. Participants will be located in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Virginia, New Jersey, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Miami, San Diego, and Seattle. The program will consist of two sessions. The first will run from Jun. 2 to Jul. 11 and the second will run from Jul. 21 to Aug. 29. Participants can expect to earn approximately $450 per week. Housing is not provided. To apply, visit http://jobs.unitehere.org/internap.php