Student senate clarifies language in bylaws

By Michael Logli

The Illinois Student Senate spent almost two hours of their meeting Wednesday night discussing proposed changes to language in the governing body’s bylaws, which outline the way the body functions.

The revised bylaws, put forth by the Committee on Senate Procedure, are designed to clean up language that was previously vague and introduce new initiatives. These new bylaws will go into effect April 3.

Before discussion about the bylaws began, the senate passed a standing rule that prohibited new amendments from being proposed. However, several senators had problems with some resolutions, primarily with one which addressed conduct during meetings and public comment.

The amendment, which eventually passed, stated that each person speaking during public comment would automatically be limited to five minutes. That time could then be extended by five minute intervals with a one-third vote of the body. The original writing made time limits optional at the discretion of the presiding officer.

“This limits people who abuse public comment without making the senate look like fools,” said Justin Umlah, graduate student senator.

Though senators wanted to send the amendment back to committee, Chief of Staff James Win, said the senators missed the opportunity to voice their opinions during the committee meetings they were encouraged to attend.