County’s GOP adds delegates for convention held in Decatur

By Paolo Cisneros

The Champaign County Republican Central Committee finalized its delegation list Tuesday for this summer’s Illinois Republican State Convention. The delegation consists of 31 delegates and 12 alternates, all of whom are Champaign County residents.

Officials selected the delegates from a larger pool of applicants after a review process by central committee members.

“There was a time when I was excited to have 30 people show up at our local organization meetings, now we have more applicants than available regular delegate seats for a two-day state convention,” said Jason Barickman, party chairman, in a press release.

“I believe this demonstrates the strength and energy of our organization, this is something that Republicans across the county should feel good about.”

The convention will take place at the Decatur Conference Center on June 6 and June 7. The agenda features training sessions, committee meetings, a voting session and networking events.

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    Upon arriving at the convention, delegates will be assigned to various committees that will vote on measures aimed at strengthening the Republican Party in Illinois.

    “It really shows the strength of our party locally,” said Kristin Williamson, president of the Champaign County Young Republicans. “There was a time when we had difficulty putting committee men in precincts, and now we have people willing to take days off of work and go down to Decatur for this convention.”