Committee hears objection to Calabrese candidacy

By Paolo Cisneros

The Champaign County Officers Electoral Board heard the objections to Frank Calabrese’s candidacy for state representative for the 103 district Tuesday morning at the Champaign County Courthouse.

Attorneys for Calabrese and his objector, Pat Devaney, were on hand to state their cases.

Devaney originally filed his objection Apr. 14 on the grounds that Calabrese’s campaign failed to file a certificate of committee organization.

Calabrese’s attorney, on his part, said the certificate is the responsibility of the Republican party and, moreover, was indeed filed.

Calabrese’s attorney, John Maloney, said he expects the objection to be withdrawn.

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    No decision was made by the board, but a second hearing is scheduled for May 2.

    Check out tomorrow’s edition of the Daily Illini for the full story.