Senate asks to add minors to transcripts

By Paul Biasco

The Illinois Student Senate passed a resolution Wednesday night authored by the Academic Affairs Committee asking the University to include completed minors on a student’s transcript before degrees are posted.

Currently, University transcripts do not make a distinction for students who have completed all requirements for a minor that has been declared before graduation.

This would allow students applying for internships before graduation to tell a possible employer that they have a minor and have proof through an updated transcript.

The senate also passed a resolution urging the University administration to allow an appeal for students who are kicked off of the Banner system for attempting to register for a class too many times.

If a student is banned from the system, they will not have access for three semesters and must register through their advisor.

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    Jason Webber, graduate student and student senator, presented the senate with his item for information recommending that the University bridge the gap between the Urbana campus and other top tier universities in regard to research.

    The item states that the highest priority of the University’s “strategic plan” is to “develop UIUC into the nation’s preeminent public research university.”

    One of his main concerns is the lack of access to intellectual property protection through the Office of Technology Management.

    “This is really what separates us from MIT, Stanford and Berkley,” Webber said.

    The resolution will be brought up next week for a vote.