Applying late for internships

The Career Center on Wright Street offers many resources for finding summer internships. Erica Magda

The Career Center on Wright Street offers many resources for finding summer internships. Erica Magda

By Kevin Marshall

The majority of students have already figured out their plans for summer: Some are keeping their backpacks on for summer school, and a lucky few are vacationing in a foreign country. But most are heading home with either the same job as years past or interning for a company.

And then there are the select few students left pondering what they are going to do.

Although most students already had some type of outline for what their summer would consist of, these few still wait for an internship.

“It is definitely getting late (in the year),” said Nick Andrews, senior in Business. “A lot of the companies want to have their interns picked out by now. A lot of the bigger companies are probably done by now.”

But Andrews said there might still be smaller opportunities out there.

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    To salvage any remaining hope, students seeking a late internship should get started now.

    “There are a lot of different approaches,” said Amy Fruehling, senior associate director of Business Career Services. “Certainly utilizing the career center like the Business Career Services or the Career Center on Wright Street (is one way).”

    The University has more than 20 career centers on campus for students to utilize, she said.

    “The Business Career Services already set me up with Symplicity to put my name out to companies,” said Alex Tamayo, freshman in Business.

    However, there are other options besides career service offices for students.

    “A lot of internships are found through personal networking such as family, friends, neighbors and parents that will help you get your foot in the door,” Fruehling said. “But you don’t have to personally know someone.”

    No matter what, a student must submit a resume, said both Fruehling and Andrews.

    “It shows the potential employer what your background is,” she said. “Your resume is a little one-page advertisement (of yourself). It can show teamwork skills, organizational skills, communication and leadership. Those are things employers will be looking at as top candidates.”

    Although many students take advantage of internship opportunities, most interns are juniors, said Fruehling.

    “Mine was right after my junior year,” said Andrews. “They usually look for juniors.”

    If students can’t get an internship this summer, Fruehling recommends volunteering for an organization that can help them gain valuable work experience.

    “If you can’t get an internship, then this when you should broaden your horizons,” said Fruehling. “It is important to get some experience so that you can explore a career path.”