New e-mail address ready for student, faculty use

By Steve Contorno

The University began the process that will transition all “” e-mail addresses to “” The activation of the new address went into effect May 13, according to a mass e-mail sent by Chancellor Richard Herman on Friday morning. Since then, all mail sent to the old address has been forwarded to the new address.

Herman’s message was sent to inform students, faculty and staff of the changes to University e-mail addresses as well as the reason. The switch is part of a University-wide plan to brand the name “Illinois” and includes a change of all Web sites to “” The transition to the new e-mail addresses is just part of that process.

“The use of ‘uiuc’ came about because we were an Internet pioneer,” the chancellor wrote in his e-mail. “At the time, the marketing value of a meaningful domain name was not considered. But today, with the widespread use of the Internet, we must use our Web address to its full potential, and that includes its use as a branding tool.”

No timetable was set in the e-mail when the “” e-mail will become obsolete, however, the Chancellor did encourage everyone to begin using the new address immediately.