Police warn citizens about scam e-mail

By Eric Heisig

The Champaign Police Department are warning citizens about a scam e-mail which has its origins in Poland.

According to a press release issued by the CPD, officers were dispatched to the 00 block of E. Main Street on July 23 due to an e-mail a man received at work which he perceived as a threat. The e-mail was titled “SOMEONE YOU CALL YOUR FRIEND WANTS YOU DEAD” and threatened to murder the recipient unless they pay a significant amount of money within 10 days.

The e-mail said the sender has followed the recipient for some time and has been hired to kill them and will kill their family if they went to the police.

The police are telling citizens to not forward any money or pertinent information to the sender, because they can make people vulnerable to identity theft. In addition, if the e-mail is received, contact the Champaign Police Department.