Greek community prepares for reunion weekend

By Kate Szyszka

Hordes of students doing their best to show off their tan. Lines – and cover – at Campustown bars. An abundance of lambdas, gammas and deltas.

It must be Greek Reunion.

With only a little more than a month left of summer, many students will be making the trip back to Champaign this weekend to “reunite” for the annual event.

In the past, Greek Reunion was a work weekend for members of fraternities and sororities to make chapter improvements, said Assistant Dean of Students Ashley Dye.

“This event definitely used to have substance,” said Dye. “Now it isn’t even (formally) affiliated with the Greek community.”

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Each year, University students return to Champaign to reunite with their friends for a weekend in July.

“Last year it was so fun,” said Kelly Opal, sophomore in LAS. “I’m not in a sorority, but I had a great time when I came down. It was so nice to get back to campus and see everyone again.”

The reunion also gives Campustown businesses a boost during the summer.

“Hopefully we’ll get a boost in business,” said Ben Swift, manager of Flat Top Grill. “Any time there is a special event we get a little busier.”

Last year during Greek Reunion, Campustown was as crowded as it would be during the school year, said Opal.

“There were lines and cover at the bars, and they were really crowded,” she added.

Champaign police have no plans to increase their coverage of Campustown for the weekend.

“This event used to be a major headache,” said Lt. Brad Yohnka of the Champaign Police. “It has pretty much dwindled over the years to being a normal summer weekend.

“We do not have any extra activities planned,” added Yohnka. “There is no reason for it.”

Sgt. Tony Brown of the campus police agreed, “In years past we had to block off the streets.”

Students not in the Greek community who are living on campus this summer will also have to deal with the crowds.

“I heard that the bars get kind of crowded,” said Thomas Neff, junior in engineering. “But I think its cool that a bunch of people are coming down.”

Students not living on campus for the summer also face the issue of finding somewhere to stay for the weekend.

“Last year I slept on the floor of my friend’s apartment with like 20 other girls,” said Opal. “This year I’m glad to have my own place to go back to at the end of the night.”