Burnham 310 lessees seek temporary housing

By Kathleen Foody

Students and other hopeful renters who signed to live in the new Burnham 310 building, 310 E. Springfield, will need temporary housing for a portion of their leases.

The development company is “hopeful” all residents will be moved into the building by October 31, according to a letter sent to tenants.

The company released a statement Friday afternoon acknowledging the building will not be completed in time to begin leasing in August 2008.

Tenants will be referred to four Campustown landowners which Burnham 310 has made arrangements with for short term leases lasting two months. Additional months could be added if necessary.

“We have only received a few calls so far,” said Chris Hamelberg, General Manager for the University Group, one of the companies working with Burnham 310 developers to house residents until the building is finished.

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    Burnham has also promised to reimburse displaced tenants for these temporary leases until they are notified their 310 unit is ready for move-in.

    “We’ve been working so hard toward an August opening, but Mother Nature just didn’t cooperate this year,” said Theresa Kamerer, property manager of Burnham 310, in the statement. “All the snow and then the extremely heavy rains really kept construction slowed for a good part of the construction season. So, we decided that it’s better to make a decision now to delay the opening so that we’re not rushed into opening an unfinished building, and so that we can take some preliminary steps toward helping our residents find other places to live in the interim.”

    Kate Szyszka contributed to this report

    Did you sign to live in a building still under construction in Campustown? Send us your thoughts on the Burnham 310 delay or your building’s progress at [email protected].