Champaign Council meeting to discuss University, lighting needs

By Eric Heisig

The Champaign City Council will be looking to approve a number of items on their agenda, including an agreement with the University.

The resolution states that the University will pay the city of Champaign $9,063 for three more years and make a payment of $8,000 which should have been paid in September 2007 but the agreement had yet to be finalized. According to the city of Champaign, similar agreements were made between the city and the University in 2001 and 2003, and this is essentially a continuation of it. The resolution is also a continuation of the Campustown 2000 project.

The Council will also be looking at a street lighting project for Garden Hills, the area the city has been working on improving for a portion of 2008. The current resolution is for the city to accept a bid to implement better lighting in the neighborhood, especially on the south side. The bid that is being proposed is for $209,965.

Champaign City Council meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the City Building.