Police arrest BB gun window smasher suspects

By Eric Heisig

Chamapign police have arrested three suspects they believe to be linked to the recent BB gun shooting spree.

According to a press release from the Champaign Police Department, Christopher D. Baker, Alexander Daniel-Davis and Jeremy Lox-Folsom were arrested after police responded to a call saying three vehicles had their windows smashed on the 2000 block of O’Donnell Drive.

Suspect said they saw a red sport utility vehicle drive away from the 2000 block of O’Donnell Drive towards Devonshire Drive. Police later stopped the vehicle and upon a search, recovered a BB gun allegedly used to damage the vehicles.

Police said that they also received reports of damage to three vehicles in the area of Springfield Avenue and Edwin Street and two vehicles in the Sawgrass subdivisions. These damages are in addition to the more than 40 vehicle windows being damaged or smashed by BB or pellet guns in the last few weeks.