Personal information, profits stolen from University YMCA

By Nicola Crean

The YMCA is warning customers who attended their annual “Dump and Run” garage sale Saturday that all profits collected have been stolen along with people’s personal account information.

Willard Broom, YMCA executive director, said they came back Sunday morning to find all cash, credit and debit card slips and checks gone.

Customers are being encouraged to contact their banks and credit card companies immediately to notify them of the burglary and to ensure that there is no abnormal activity.

“We are very sorry that this has happened,” said Broom. “But unfortunately, we were robbed.”

The garage sale is an annual event that is held in order to help students, especially international students, and community members get furniture and household items at a cheaper cost.

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    “Our goal is to keep items out of landfills and allow them to be reused,” said Broom.

    Customers can also go to the YMCA’s website or look out for the upcoming ad in the Daily Illini tomorrow for more information on what to do.