Students for McCain not as visible, but still active

By Paolo Cisneros

Students for John McCain might not be as visible around campus as other political organizations this semester, but they share a common goal with those other, larger groups: victory for their candidate in November.

President Annie Rohrhoff, senior in LAS, said the group, while no longer extremely active, is planning on holding a number of social events for McCain supporters and traveling to Chicago for a McCain fundraising event Monday night.

“There’s not so much an aspect of campaigning because Illinois isn’t very much in play since this is Obama’s home state,” she said.

The group’s former president, Matt Filter, graduated from the University this spring and now works at a McCain campaign headquarters in Chicago. With his help, the organization hopes to contribute more on a national scale.

Students for John McCain was created during the last academic year when the executive board of Students for Rudy Giuliani voted to support McCain after their initial candidate dropped out of the race and endorsed the Arizona senator.

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    While the group holds no formal meetings, Rohrhoff said they plan on holding functions with other conservative groups such as College Republicans.

    College Republicans President Bobby McNeily was not immediately available for comment.