Heavy rain floods parts of ARC; climbing room remains closed


A fan runs in the climbing wall room at ARC on Sunday. The room was closed due to flooding and the weight room experienced flooding after heavy rains struck the area yesterday and today. Erica Magda

By Paolo Cisneros

The free weights room and climbing wall of the Activities and Recreation Center, more commonly known as the ARC, were closed Sunday as a result of flooding that occurred during the day’s sustained rainfall.

Officials at Campus Recreation could not be reached for comment Sunday evening. Details as to when the rooms were initially closed were also unavailable.

The free weights room was reopened around 5:30 p.m., but the climbing wall remained closed as of Sunday evening.

One part-time employee of Campus Recreation said about an inch of water collected in the south end of the free weights room. Similar floods have happened in the past, he said.

Water also found its way onto the floor of the building’s concourse level. At 5:30 p.m., crews were working to take furniture on the floor out of a plastic protective wrap in addition to mopping and setting up fans to expedite the drying process.

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    The Campus Recreation employee said the affected areas were also disinfected.

    Jimmy Porretta, sophomore in Engineering, did not know about the closure until he arrived at ARC. A sign on the building’s entrance alerted him to the fact that the weight room was closed, but just to be sure, he checked with ARC employees and was told it was being reopened.

    “I came down here and there were like three people,” he said. “It was awesome.”

    Porretta also noted that soon after news of the reopening spread, the room began to fill up quickly.

    Nathan Lawrence, senior in AHS, and Dan Kubis, senior in Engineering, were among the first to enter the room after it had been reopened.

    They were also unaware of the building’s condition before arriving. Both said the closure did not affect their workout schedule.