More opposition to UI policy arises

By James VandeBerg

Further opposition to an update to the University’s political ethics code has emerged Friday afternoon.

The code, which states that employees may not, in a job-related context, cannot show their political views through attending rallies, wearing buttons or wearing T-shirts has come under criticism from staff and other organizations since being announced last week.

The latest opposition comes from a press release from the National Communication Association, a scholarly association that aims to ” enhance the research, teaching, and service produced by its members on topics of both intellectual and social significance,” according to the association’s Web site.

“By not allowing faculty and staff to display buttons, pins, or bumper stickers or attend political rallies of any kind, the University of Illinois is sending the message that faculty should not engage in discussions of a political and/or controversial nature,” the press release said.

The ethics code also infringes upon faculty and staff member’s rights to expression and makes it more difficult to have open and honest discussions on issues, the press release said.

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