Homecoming ‘Lunch’ to take over Quad

By Silver Damsen

As part of the Homecoming celebrations, the University is hoping to have a bigger Lunch on the Quad than ever before.

On Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Student Alumni Ambassadors have arranged for a variety of free entertainment, inflatable games, activities, a dunking booth and a catered Jimmy John’s full meal (which includes sandwich, chips and a drink) for $5. There will also be a T-shirt giveaway.

“This is the first year we have really incorporated a carnival atmosphere,” said J. Brooks Moore, assistant director of the Illini Union and Homecoming Court coordinator.

Speakers include Moore, Vice Chancellor Renee Romano and Sara Greenstein, vice president of Alumni Relations. The Homecoming court will be announced. The 10 men and 10 women selected for this honor will receive a plaque.

“(Lunch on the Quad) sounds really cool,” said Carissa Stangarone, freshman in General Studies.

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    The entertainment will be running through the lunch period. As soon as one group finishes performing another will begin.

    “I like to call it ‘Party on the Quad’,” said Adrienne Bowman, co-chair of Student Alumni Ambassadors and sophomore in LAS.

    “It’s good to promote school unity and bring everyone together,” said Sammi Lawson, freshman in General Studies.

    The groups performing include the Swing Society, Orange and Blues Band, Girls Next Door, No Strings Attached, Cutting Edge Show Choir and Cosa Meara Irish Dance.

    Other ongoing activities, which should be operating until around 2:30 p.m., include an obstacle course, jousting, an Illini slide and a dunk tank with guest dunkees – including Moore.

    “I’m excited about Lunch on the Quad,” said Nakeita Lawson, a junior in LAS and member of the Student Alumni Ambassadors. “I am especially looking forward to the slide. It should be a lot of fun.”

    Michelle Farag, senior in LAS and member of the Student Alumni Ambassadors is one of the students selected for Homecoming court.

    “For me it was the icing on the cake,” said Farag. “I was really involved with Homecoming the last few years. It is really special to me to be honored by the University, especially at Homecoming.”

    Moore said Lunch on the Quad is a good opportunity for students and the community to come together.

    “My family is coming down to see me,” said Farag. “It’s an extra bonus to be able to share Homecoming with them and for them to be able to see what I have been talking about these past few years.”