UI Police: Second threat letter is just a rumor

By Hannah Hess

University police Lieutenant Roy Acree said Tuesday that talk of a second threat message in connection to the Oct. 5 threat letter found in the Undergraduate Library was “just a rumor.”

Acree said he has received a number of phone calls from concerned students and parents regarding the investigation.

“People are hearing different things from whatever media they are listening to or rumors being spread on campus,” Acree said. He also said that the police were not aware of any further threats.

The University public relations department said that they would be sending out another message to students on Wednesday with more information.

Robin Kaler, Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, said Interim Chief of Police for the University Jeff Christiansen planned to give the campus community an update.

“It (the message) will ask for help again and will acknowledge the fears of Halloween night,” Kaler said.

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