Students for Chief rent Assembly Hall

By Sarah Small and Andrew Maloney

Students for Chief Illiniwek, a Registered Student Organization, have rented out Assembly Hall for Nov. 15, the Saturday the Fighting Illini football team will host Ohio State University, said University spokeswoman Robin Kaler.

Kaler said any RSO is welcome to rent Assembly Hall for a day, but it costs $4,500 plus expenses.

She said students who rent the arena have access to the “bowl” of the building, but did not know specifically what else $4,500 bought the renters.

Kaler said she did not know specifics of the event.

“This is not a University sponsored event,” Kaler said. “The University does not have a chief, but students have the right to free speech.”

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    Roberto Martell, president of Students for Chief Illiniwek, did not comment explicitly on what the organization had planned for the upcoming weeks. However, he said the group planned to hold a press conference on Thursday at noon, and that more details would be disclosed at that time.