Comparing tips, tricks on prepping for exams

By Amanda Liberatore

It’s that time of the year that students have dreaded for the entire semester: finals. When it comes to study tips and tricks, students find a variety of different ways to prepare for the final test.

While some students find solace in studying with a group of their classmates, others find that method not to be helpful for them.

“I never really liked study groups,” said Emily Luzzo, freshman in ACES. “I get really distracted by them because instead of studying, we always just end up talking to each other.”Cramming for an exam is very common among students. Generally, students have so many meetings, activities or other events going on during the day that they do not end up cracking open their books to study until late at night. Then, they study a lot of information at one time.

Claire Billing, an academic adviser in the Department of English, has a few tips for the most helpful study tactics.

“The obvious best way prepare for finals is to have good study habits in courses all semester,” she said. “This means going to class on a regular basis, doing all of the required reading and preparation, taking good notes and not procrastinating.”

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    “However, when it comes to studying for final exams,” Billings added. “I’ve found that one of the most effective ways to stick to it is to avoid distractions to stay focused.”