Final exam emergencies: there’s still hope

By Rachel Rubin

Anything can go wrong during finals week so it’s important to know the right person to contact right away.

You have a panic attack and need to leave the final

Do first: Call the Counseling Center (217) 333-3704

Total meltdowns can happen to anyone.

“If McKinley or the counseling center have a history of panic attack on file then we can work with the student,” said Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span, assistant dean of students.

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Abdullah-Span said that often times students who are anxious or overwhelmed will be too emotional to go directly to the instructor. The counseling center can assist, and the Dean’s Office can provide the medical documentation to the instructor.

You have an emergency

Do first: Call the emergency dean (217) 333-0050

Emergencies always have bad timing.

“If it’s a family death then call the dean’s office,” said Abdullah-Span. “But if you can talk to the instructor before our office then that is fine too.”

She said verification will need to be brought to the dean’s office and that car trouble or bad weather will just need to be figured out on your own.

You’ve suddenly become ill

Do first: Dial-a-Nurse (217) 333-2700

Poor nutrition and sleep deprivation may catch up to you early.

Abdullah-Span said to go to McKinley first. McKinley will provide proper documentation to Student Services who can provide that to your instructor. Arrangements will then be made through the instructor.

You sleep through your final

Do first: Call your professor

Sometimes an alarm clock isn’t even enough for victims of an all-nighter.

“Beg for mercy, literally,” said Abdullah-Span.

Abdullah-Span said that unless you have medication that causes drowsiness or an illness such as mono, you need to be honest with your professor and the consequences may vary.

“I’ve seen responses from ‘that’s fine’ and arrangements made for the conflict exam to students asked to take the proficiency exam if it is offered. Others are faced to take the loss.”

Abdullah-Span said that if you claim illness, the instructor will be likely to need verification from McKinley or the Dean’s Office.

You tried your best but failed the class

Do first: Write a statement to your college

If you’re in danger of academic probation, all hope is not lost.

“It’s a good opportunity to send a statement about what happened during the semester because they review that when looking at final grades,” said Mary Macmanus Ramsbottom, associate dean in LAS.

Ramsbottom said that the colleges perform a grade audit during the first week of January.