Police shut down parties near First and Daniel


Christine Chung The Daily Illini Police officers from multiple agencies congregate in front of 106 E. Daniel St. to monitor the parties that were getting out of control on Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, March 6, 2009. The buildup of police cars on First St. near the apartments caused the 22 Illini to temporarily change routes.

By Antonio Burnett

The Champaign Police Department shut down all parties at 106 E. Daniel St. early Friday afternoon. Sgt. Scott Friedlein said the police shut down the parties in the building because they were getting too wild and disturbing others. Under the Champaign Party Nuisance Ordinance, if a party or parties occur that is rowdy and disorderly the police have the authority to shut them down.

“Because of the nature and the number of places having parties in this apartment complex, all of the parties were shut down,” Friedlein said.

Police had said in the weeks leading up to Unofficial that they would be focusing on apartment parties, as opposed to regulating the Campustown bars, which have all increased their bar ages to 21. The bar age is usually 19.

Brad Dale, an Illinois State student, said that the police came into the party to bust it up for no reason.

“There was no underage drinking or nothing inappropriate going on, and we were completely within the law; they didn’t have a warrant or anything,” said Dale.

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    Dale says the police ordered them to leave and yelled “get out of the damn apartment if you don’t live here.” John Ogrodnik, student in LAS, was in the same apartment as Dale and said the officers opened the door without being admitted into the apartment.

    “I don’t know why they shut our party down; we were not the ones being loud and disruptive so I don’t understand why we had to leave,” Ogrodnik said.

    Friedlein said that the party that Dale and Ogrodnik were attending was also being disruptive and if he didn’t close their party he wouldn’t be doing his job. Friedlein said that no one was arrested, but if the police have to come back, the party causing the disturbance will become a nuisance and then will be issued a minimum $290 ticket.

    “I have talked to building supervisors and each of the apartments and warned them if they have any social activities from this point forward, then they will be in violation.”