Johnson, Shimkus respond to DOE errors

By Kate Szyszka

Representatives Timothy Johnson (R-15) and John Shimkus (R-19) released statements today regarding the issuance of findings of the General Accounting Office study, showing that the Department of Energy over-inflated the cost estimates for FutureGen, says a press release.

GAO auditors found that the DOE estimated the cost of FutureGen by $500 million. The error was used to justify discontinuing the project that had been slated for Matoon.

In summary the report, “recommends that DOE re-examine its restructuring decision, based on the comparative costs, benefits, and risks of the original and restructured programs, as well as other incremental options for modifying the original program,” it said in the press release.

“We knew that former Secretary Bodman’s department was incompetent, but we at least thought they could do basic math. This just further reinforces our position that Matoon was the best choice all along, from an environmental, geological, and financial point of view,” Rep. Johnson said in response. “I hope this provides all the more momentum to get this project moving again and i would encourage Secretary Chu to now do the right thing and release the Record of Decision so that the region and nation can move forward with this promising technology.”