89-year-old in kid football flap drops lawsuit

BLUE ASH, Ohio – An 89-year-old Ohio woman arrested for refusing to return a neighbor kid’s football has dropped her lawsuit against the boy’s parents.

Edna Jester’s attorney filed to drop the lawsuit on Monday. She had sued her next-door neighbors in December, claiming she suffered emotional distress because footballs and other playthings belonging to them keep landing in her yard in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash.

In October, Jester confiscated the neighbor boy’s football and wouldn’t give it back. She was taken to a police station charged with petty theft. The prosecutor later dropped the case.

The lawsuit had sought unspecified monetary damages from neighbors Paul and Kelly Tanis. The family could not be reached for comment.

Minn. teen gives away thousands in cash he found

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. – A 16-year-old Minnesota boy has given away thousands of dollars to fellow students and a school aide. The bag full of money he found was apparently tossed by a drug dealer.

When asked how he got the $100 bills, the student first said it was his allowance. He later said he found it in a ditch – and led police to a spot by a highway where they also found marijuana and scales.

The boy, described as learning disabled, gave away about $11,000 of the nearly $18,000 in the bag. Law officers collected the money from students and from the school bus aide, who had reported that someone slipped $1,200 into her bag.

The boy is not expected to face charges. A sheriff’s deputy says he’s “a good kid” who was trying to help people in need.

From Associated Press reports