Students graduating early due to credits, financial situations

By Mary Beth Versaci

While it may be Einav Zohar’s third year at the University, she is a graduating senior in LAS.

“I had a lot of AP (Advanced Placement) credits from high school,” Zohar said. “It wasn’t too difficult to get the hours done, and basically, it saves me a lot of money, a whole year of tuition.”

Zohar joins many other students who have graduated in less than eight semesters from LAS in the past. In Spring 2008, 134 students graduated after six semesters, while 42 graduated after seven.

“There’s a real clarity of focus,” said Mary Ramsbottom, associate dean of LAS. “They come in with a major and stick with it.”

But LAS is not the only college that sees early graduates. Stephanie Bender is also in her third year at the University and is graduating this spring as a senior in ACES.

“To know that I was able to participate in activities and have a social life and still graduate early — it’s a really good feeling,” she said. Bender said she plans on attending the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine next year.

Ramsbottom cited significant Advanced Placement credit and students’ financial situations as possible reasons for graduating early.

“It is definitely something you need to plan ahead to make sure you get all your requirements,” Zohar said.

She said she plans to attend Northwestern University in the fall to get a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

“I know what I want to do, and I’ll be that much closer to doing (it),” Zohar said.