UIC healthcare students and community members rally against clinic closure

By Kate Szyszka

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Healthcare Students Against Discrimination plans to rally to demand that the University uphold its mission statement and Great Cities Commitment in front of the University of Illinois Hospital, 1801 W. Taylor St, at noon Thursday, says a press release from UIC.

The group plans to protest the University’s decision to shut down a UIC community clinic, claiming it is anti-ethical to its urban mission.

The University claims that an amount of $200,000, less than 0.0001%, of the University’s $4.2 billion dollar annual budget, justifies the closure of a clinic that serves nearly 6,500 patients annually.

“Did UIC forget we’re patients, not customers? It’s a clinic, not just a business,” said Elia Arenas, a clinic patient and Pilsen resident in the press release.