University suspends legislators’ access to Banner system

Following reports that legislators were abusing their influence on the admissions process, the University has suspended the office of government relations’ Banner access.

Government relations, sometimes referred to as the University’s lobbying branch, used Banner to track special admissions cases.

“(Government relations) used Banner to track admissions cases to which they had been referred,” said Tom Hardy, University spokesman.

In some cases these referrals were made by state legislatures or high-ranking University officials, he added.

The University’s “Category I” list was suspended on Monday. Without this list, special referrals are obsolete and government relations does not need to track applicants.

“If Category I is suspended there is no need for government relations to have access to (Banner),” Hardy added.

Admissions tracking will be handled solely by the admissions department until further proposals are made.

“A reassessment of Banner will made after admissions task force makes its recommendations,” Hardy said.