Second semester move-in goes smoothly

By Avani Chhaya

Even though the winter weather made traveling difficult, move-in back on campus was an easy transition for students.

“It’s just a seamless transition,” said Lt. Frost of the University Police Department. “I think it went very well. We didn’t have many issues to worry about. We didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary as opposed to the initial rush in August.”

Frost said that the most interesting part of moving-in was drivers traveling through the freezing conditions. Move-in time for students coming back to campus from winter break was just another weekend, he added.

Students at the University agreed that moving back on campus was easier now compared to August.

Claire Wright, senior in LAS, said that it was easy because she had a rather short drive back to campus. She also did not have to move as many of her belongings back into her apartment as she did at the beginning of the academic year.

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    Frost also mentioned that very few students were moving into new places. Most of the students continued to live in their previous residencies alleviating move-in problems, he added.

    “When we talk about the initial rush in August, it’s a much smaller percentage who are moving into new residencies,” Frost said. “There is no comparison.”

    Jill Guth, director of development for JSM real estate, also said that there is no comparison between moving in after winter break and moving in at the beginning of the year.

    “Move-in in August is a major undertaking,” she said. “We don’t have a huge turnover in January.”

    Before residents in apartments left for winter break, JSM discussed security measures that the students should be aware of like locking doors and windows, taking anything valuable home with them and leaving minimal heat on in the apartment so the water pipes do not freeze.

    These basic precautions prepared the students for leaving campus for winter break and provided an easier move-in back at school.

    The weather, however, was the main obstacle facing students who were getting back on campus.

    “It was a very foggy coming home because of the snow,” said Evan Munch, sophomore in LAS. “(It was) one of the worst drives I had.”

    Some students said that this winter did not disturb their move-in back on campus.

    Steven Fultz, junior in MatSE, said that it was not the worst of winter. It was not too bad, except the cold, he added.

    “The drive down was really pretty because the fog froze on the trees,” Fultz said.

    While the snow provided its aesthetic beauty along the drive back to school, others discovered the difficulties of winter.

    “The tricky part was that there was black ice on the parking lot,” Wright said. “The only thing more difficult was the weather.”

    Despite weather difficulties that students faced, most agreed that the move-in was an easy transition into the second semester of the year.

    “Actually, we haven’t heard of any problems,” Guth said. “It’s been a very quiet move-back.”