Students pull pranks to make a point

Members of the Undergraduate-Graduate Alliance (UGA) are embracing April Fool’s Day to protest budget cuts and a likely tuition hike through various pranks on the Quad. A fake newsletter with articles such as “Administrators cut own salaries, lower tuition” will be distributed throughout the day.

Ben Rothschild, a sophomore in college of LAS and member of the Undergraduate-Graduate Alliance, wanted the events to involve other students on campus.

“With tuition being so high and impacting education negatively we are taking April Fool’s day as an opportunity to express ourselves and make a statement,” said Rothschild. “People will be interested in what we are doing and it will make them pay more attention to the issues at hand. That’s what we really want to do, bring attention to these issues.”

Students will also be dressed as University administrators, canning as they seek donations.

“We’re turning a lot of heads,” Rothschild said.

Students in passing were surprised when they asked for donations for the University, he said.

“People are really enthusiastic,” Rothschild said. “Most people agree that tuition is too high.”

At 1:50 p.m. students put a coffin on the quad for a memorial ceremony for the U of I as a truly public school.

At 2:50 p.m., students presented on the University budget using music and signs, followed by speeches.

At 3:50 p.m., students performed a play, utilizing a 12-foot tall puppet that poses as a University administrator on the balcony of Foellinger.