Construction within Greg Hall affects noise, temperature

Construction taking place within Gregory Hall may cause noise and some classrooms to be colder than usual.

Doris Reeser, Capital Maintenance Planning Coordinator for Facilities and Services at the University, said construction will be ongoing throughout the semester.

“Three months in the summer is short for a project of that scale,” she said. “The project was targeted for classrooms to be able to be used.”

Most of the work will be done by the end of December, but some projects will continue into the next semester, Reeser said.

“Most people are glad something is being done,” she said. “Faculty and students haven’t been inconvenienced before this because there hasn’t been construction, since there hasn’t really been money for it in the last three years.”

According to an e-mail sent from Sherry Miller from the Office of the Registar to instructors at Greg Hall, several rooms throughout Gregory Hall will be affected by work on the air conditioning system.

“In order to have air conditioning available in the classrooms on the East side, the system is running with no temperature controls available,” the e-mail said.

Reeser said the air conditioning will not be regulated for the next couple weeks.

“If you’re in a building that’s being worked on, you’re one of the lucky ones,” she said. “There are a lot of other buildings that aren’t being worked on.”