Ameren Illinois to deploy 780,000 advanced electrical meters

Ameren Illinois has announced its plan to deploy 780,000 advanced electrical meters over the next ten years in a plan submitted to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

The new advanced meters can help identify distribution line and transformer overload issues that can be corrected before an outage occurs. The advanced meters will also enable electric dispatchers to pinpoint locations of outages and help shorten outage times. The meters transmit electric usage data and meter identification information.

“We are beginning a historic process that will enable Ameren Illinois to accelerate the process of modernizing its electric distribution system over the next 10 years in order to meet the service expectations of our customers in the 21st century,” said Michael Moehn, Ameren Illinois senior vice president of customer operations, in a press release.

Currently, Ameren Illinois has openings for 200 full-time positions. By 2015, the peak of the 10-year initiative, Ameren hopes to create more than 450 additional jobs.