Senators submit resolution opposing student code changes regarding upcoming smoking ban

By Megan Jones

Treasurer Kevin Seymour, graduate student, and Senator Rachel Heller, junior in LAS, submitted a resolution which opposes any change to the student code in regards to the upcoming smoking ban. 

The current enforcement policy for repeat offenders consists of students being referred to the Office for Student Conflict Resolution for potential reprimand or punishment. The resolution states the senate opposes any changes to the student code which may subject a student to punishment through the University. 

“We just didn’t feel that University reprimand was a good way to deal with this,” Heller said. “Administration responded by saying, if there’s a new policy in student code, then there should be some sort of punishment.”

If passed, the resolution will be forwarded to Chancellor Phyllis Wise and other administrators. 

“We just don’t think any students should be punished by the University for smoking,” Heller said. “Dismissal is an extreme option, but it is an option.” 

Additionally, senators held a moment of silence for the passing of Nelson Mandela. 

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